February: The Month of motivation

Hey guys and dolls,

           I wanted to ask you guys this question and I’d love to here a reply! The question is simple, “what does the term motivate mean to you?” For me it’s not only a word. ”Motivate” can be a feeling (to have motivation), a mind set (to be motivated), and it can be an action (to motivate). My motivation to get out of bed in the morning is the thought of being successful! I read a quote that ”P. Diddy” put on Instagram the other day and it read, “IF you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe air then you will be successful,” boy if that doesn’t do it for you I don’t know what will!! I want to be successful to my own stature, at my own pace, and right now I’m working toward that goal. I wont be successful if I stay in bed all day. I wont be successful if I don’t complete my duties and I wont be successful if I don’t keep myself motivated with the thought of being successful in my head! Having motivation is the key to open any door. If your not searching for that key, then how will you ever find it, open up your door and open up other doors that will lead you to YOUR success?

Think about the things you accomplish on your best day, now, stop thinking and start doing! All the things you thought about just then should motivated you to become the better you or the you, “you” want to become!

P.s I know I took a left turn, but I got really into the post lol! Let me know what motivates you and what does it mean to you … I’d LOVE to know.

"Stay motivated, stay inspired, and be innovative…" 


Whats the 411? *contest/giveaway* (CLOSED)

 Hey guys and dolls,

This entry will be a tad different today. To get straight to the point, I want my readers to reach out to me! Let me know what you want to read about, what your interested in, what your are aspirations and what will keep you inspired to be the person you want to be. I invite you guys inside my mind every time I post a new entry-this time I want to a VIP seats in yours. To make this a little more fun I’ll make this my January give-away!

The rules:

Like my Facebook “Like page” @Jo Johnson
( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jo-Johnson/466812860004309?group_id=0 )and post the following on my wall:

  1. What you want to read about on my blog?
  2. What are some things your interested in?
  3. What are you aspirations/ dreams/ goals?
  4. What keeps you inspired to keep working towards the person you want to become?

There will be two winners and both will receive a customized goody basket by yours truly! The last date for entries will be 1/31/2013 and Ill announce the two lucky winners on 2/3/2013. Male or female can participate in this event. To boost your chances to win you can also follow my twitter account @amerikaanjo and post that you’ve entered the contest, however this is only a suggestion and not a requirement. More importantly HAVE FUN! This is for you guys, I want you too really dig inside yourself and give honest answers-and hey you might get rewarded for it!

Tell your friends!
For questions comments or concern message me on any of my social cites.


Sex and The City’s:The Carrie Diaries

Hi there my beauties! I’ve been on my toes on this subject ever since I heard the rumors! Yes the prequel to “Sex & the City” called “The Carrie Diaries”. You guys know exactly how I feel about Sex and The City, its my ultimate escape, past time, hobby, whatever you call it… you know I am in complete love with the show! When I heard there would be a “Prequel” my immediate though was,”pssht naa” (meaning WTF) but then I thought, “…hmm a prequel?”

I then had to play with my mental scale on this one. I had to mentally compare why this show would be a good idea and why this show would be a bad idea. Firstly, I feel like this show would be a bad idea because of the general story line. The original show is about four females who have a lot of sex and are comfortable in their own skin… period! It is an adult show that is meant for adult women who relate to the realistic situations that adults go through (and I know this from watching this show as a child and then again as an -even older child-adult lol). The show is meant to be as equally as raw as it is glamorous, and lets face it in this day and age no matter how ruthless the story lines and scenarios get  it will never have that touch of class that was originally implemented in television shows back in the day. I feel like you can never re-create this show but you can make it a NEW show. Which brings me to why this show would be a good idea.

Doing my research (looking a trailers, video clips and reading the latest February Teen Vogue magazine) I feel like they are no trying to “Re-Create” but in all actuality make it a “new” show. Its good because instead of young girls sneaking to see Sex and the City while they’re young like I was, they get to see a show equally as glam and equally as “New York” that’s more age appropriate. I feel like “The Carrie Dairies” can go far in the younger generation and inspire girls to “Get their Carrie on.”

With all that being said… I am actually excited to see how everything plays out! I also wanted to congratulate Annasophia Robb for snagging the Carrie role, that is a huge honor!! But yeah guys we wont know until the show airs tomorrow at 8/7 central time on the CW network. I cant fully judge the show until I watch it, until then, all we can do is wait!

Post a response on my facebook like page @Jo Johnson to let me know how you feel after or before you watch it!! I will have a live discussion on my facebook wall tomorrow night so make sure you check that out!


-BTW: I ended up LOVING the 1st episode. Beware it is a show for young adults between the ages of 15-17, but it was a really good start! I was also right about it being a whole new show with basically a foreshadowed ending (the “Sex and the City” series). All in all it was very enjoyable and realistic to the years where you begin to figure things out.
*UPDATED ON 1/18/2013*


Hey guys and dolls! To cut to the chase I’m having sort of a “contest” on my blog and any gender can participate.
All you have to do is: 

1. Follow my blog page (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TUMBLR, SKIP TO #2)
2. Read any one of my articles titled:
Valentines Day: http://amerikaanjo.tumblr.com/post/17647816746

Follow Your Dreams: http://amerikaanjo.tumblr.com/post/33654149517

We lose ourselves We find ourselves:  http://amerikaanjo.tumblr.com/post/38247316157

3. Then post ON MY FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE (Jo Johnson) your feedback! Tell me what you think, how you felt and if you didn’t like something, let me know!
Easy right?

This contest is not an international affair-simply because I’m still new to how sending out of the country works-however my next contest will be! I’d still like to hear feedback from anyone who doesn’t live in the U.S, because you guys are important to me too! The contest will close New Years day and ill announce my TWO winners January 10th 2013! The lucky winners will win a goody bag by my design and a handwritten Thank you for your participation.

Good luck and have fun!!! Any questions comments or concerns INBOX ME!


***my original rules have modified on 12/25/2012 due to problems with my TUMBLR submissions, this post is up to date and accurate as of; Christmas day 9:07p eastern time.

-BTW: The winners of the post contest was announced on my Facebook like page @jo Johnson. Check that out…NOW!

Tis’ the Season to…. REJUVENATE!

Ladies, Gentleman, Gentle ladies and Ladies men, its the time of the year where your hair is extra brittle, your feet are extra cracked and everything in between is all over the place! Don’t wait til New Years to feel like a new you! Im going to share my favorite things this winter along with some tips to rejuvenate your mind body and spirit…

Light some candles pop open a wine and enjoy some holiday music on your day off. Get under a blanket, sit on the couch and chill! 

Candle of choice: Tindra candle from Ikea (Vanilla) or any Sugar cookie scent candle on the Market …lalalaloveee them!

Wine of choice: Emeri Pink Moscato (OMG I live for a sweet wine and this is a little sneaky little guy!) 

Tuck the kids away early, leave the laptop alone and concoct a Dead Sea Salt and honey mixture, massage the rough mixture all over you body and wrap yourself in a silk robe. Then, run down stairs and pour yourself up a nice glass while running your warm/hot tub. The dead sea salt will revitalize the cells in your skin and softens the skin making you smooth to touch. Honey promotes tissue growth in the skin and improves blood circulation. These two ingredient’s fused is the ultimate combination aka “your skins dream date”! After your bath lather up with Aveeno’s: “Soothing Relief Moisture Cream” to seal in your moisture. Bring your body back to life! Oh yeah …(dont forget those feet, hands and that face, i.e ALL OVER!!!)

Dead Sea Salt: can be found at Target, Walmart, and your local drug and health store.

Honey: can be found any where food is sold :) ..I prefer raw or all natural honey.

Feet: Use “Earth to Skin: Heel-Tastic,” it can be found at your local CVS pharmacy.

Hair: (Tips) Deep condition at least twice every two weeks, and use a leave in conditioner everyday! My leave-In of choice is Garnier Fructis sleek and shine leave-in and I use any conditioner with Shea butter and argan oil.

Lips: For moisture I use my EOS lipbalm: Summer Fruit, and I currently dont have a favorite lip gloss, but my H&M lip gloss is serving the purpose for now.

After a long week I love it when Im home during the middle of the day and catch Sex & the City!
Watch re-runs of old shows you love! Its proven to refresh a drowsy brain. If you really want to make it a fun night call over some friends, grab some beers and watch some comedy shows back to back! Remember those jeans you squeezed in last week…thats the time you shouldve been using to squeenze in a laugh or two!!

                                              TIPS: Get creative!!!

Remember: these are my favorite things to do and use, just try it out once and then make it your own! Let me know how you feel afterwards-comment or leave me a message. <3


We lose ourselves, we find ourselves

 Watching “Sex and the City” (my favorite hobby), and it always does a little thing to me called, “bring me back to reality.” Carrie always says little things that gets me to think about my life. Although she is a television show character, she is a common character among the female species. She often loses herself in her work, friends, and relationships and always has that “AHHAA" moment in the nick of time (luckily for her).We ALL often lose ourselves in the uptight and chaotic world we live in, but sometimes we don’t catch ourselves in the nick of time or sometimes we’re so trapped in our craziness we miss our “AHHA" moment, and maybe for us Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte aren’t their to motivate us, enjoy a casual drink, clank glasses, que the music and end the episode. I’m here to tell you that its OK! We have to lose ourselves and get so far away from ourselves to remember our original plan. As men, women, and undecided it is our "life duty" to become unsure of who we are, change who we are and take on another character throughout the movie. It’s life! 

Our “AHHA” moment will come as long as we never give up looking for it. Who’s really the same person they were from elementary school… or high-school… or college.. or yesterday? Exactly! So embrace the new person beating down the door ready to get in! Just remember the person you used to be, the honorable things about them and add it to the new you. You wont be lost forever, no matter what the situation is… you’ll have your “ahha" moment, get find and love the person who you’ve become. Just wait in see :)


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Cure Thrift Shop Rockaway Relief UPDATE

Our truck from BEN HUR MOVING will be arriving early tomorrow (Monday) and heading straight to those in Rockaway & Breezy Point.

CURE THRIFT SHOP will be accepting your donations until 8PM TONIGHT.

PLEASE, NO MORE CLOTHING.They have more than they need.  

We ARE looking for:

Work Gloves
Heavy Contractor Bags
Face Masks
Cleaning Supplies - brooms, shovels, bleach, buckets, mops
Non-Perishable Food - water, juice, granola bars, etc.
Baby Items - formula, jarred food, bottles, wipes

**Please be considerate, do not use this as a time to get rid of your excess/unwanted stuff.  EMERGENCY SUPPLIES ONLY**

Many thanks to those that have already brought supplies to Cure.  It’s truly heartwarming.  Keep ‘em coming!

Cure is still accepting regular donations benefitting the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, but the relief is our main priority today, thank you.

"Sisters On the Move"
Be apart of a movement!

"Sisters On the Move"

Be apart of a movement!


Do you have an old back pack just

lying around at home?

Whether its in the basement, closet or filled

with papers and shavings behind your dresser, they’re

collecting dust while they could be put to good use.

In Georgia, the poverty rate has grown to a

whopping 19.1% with the extreme poverty rate at

8.6% (according to “The spotlight On Poverty and

Opportunity”). With these bookbags my team and I

plan to pack as many items as we can to

accommodate the needs of those who are less

fortunate. Throughout the month of November* we’d

appreciate it if you’d donate your old book-bag’s to

help them out. Remember: Having the potential to do

something is only half of the equation the rest is

putting it into motion.

Thank You in advance!

Contact: Safiya “Jo” Johnson

safiyajohnson10@gmail.com for questions,

comments, concerns and going about donating!

*December 1st, 2012 is the deadline for all book-bag donations

Big Rich Texas

  Big Rich Texas is back with their 3rd season and my oh my is it juicier than eve?? I get excited by the commercial alone,and don’t even get me started with the uber cunty episode titles! I’m still team Bonnie and Whitney allll the way! Love them to death and with evil Pam out of the way you’d think they’d be out of drama (well Bonnie at least) but no ma’am no ham! Leslie and Melisa are bringing the heat from last season. Ever since Leslie exposed Melissa in front of her daughter at dinner Melissa has been on a payback spree and boy can you smell it in the air.

Whitney has a hot new man who Bonnie thinks is a bad influence but the question is…is he really?

Kaylyn is still a lost cause.

Leslie has a billionaire bo.

Melissa is a hater.org.

Connie love that lady!!

Deyanna and Shaye, remember the slap from last season?

And as if these ladies werent enough.. Theyve added a cute little fill in crew and then some so we won’t miss Pam and her daughter (..as if)

Theres: Mother/ daugter duo Cindy and Alex who is Episode 1 of Season 3 host a spicy little Botox party and then we have Wendy and whose daughter is Nikki (24years old) who hangs out with Cindy (Alex’s mom) who is a few years over 40 (hmmm….)

*takes deep breath* 

Welp if im confusing you hopefully you’ll watch the show and get all the juicy deets every Sunday night at 9 pm eastern time! Stay tuned..These chicks are “cray cray” Whitney voice!


Follow your Dreams

Okay guys and dolls,

Not sure if you guys are aware of how crappy I’ve been feeling this past YEAR (lol)
(-_-) but, I have been. I’m not sick or anything, its just that I’ve been struggling with motivation. Being 20 with no job, no car and struggling in school can really suppress a persons confidence. Although its embarrassing to admit being able to admit it is the easiest part. This year I probably went through hobbies like, hobo’s go through boxes (no disrespect to the hobo’s reading and/or not reading this). Learning new things is great, it not only makes good conversation but it makes you a well rounded person. Hobbies are also great for networking! Going out and finding people who like to do things that you maybe interested in or possibly even love doing-which brings me to point of my blabbering! Im very big the “you only live once” ride.

   Why.. because its true! Not in the sense of jumping out of planes and all that jazz but just participating in things that you really want to do, but, because of friends or whatever reasons you dont do them. I am here to embrace that! My family is full of travelers and thank the lord I inherited that gene. I often travel to visit friends on my own. I used to get intimidated by just the thought of getting lost or my personal things getting loss-but that’s easily avoided by being alert (haha)-and if your worried about risk factors then do your research. Im insanely in love with the rapper MGK and whenever I have the cash to go out and see a concert or meet and greet, that’s just what I go do. I’ve met great people who like me love his music and his message. Something as small as that can change your life forever. It gives me motivation to go out and do more activities so I can share with you guys! And you’ll never know who you’ll meet and what can come out of just over coming a fear, making a change, or simply doing what YOU want to do for a change!

So.. In the words of Machine Gun Kelly “..Go be great chase your dreams you only got one life and one chance..”


-BTW: Since this post Machinegunkelly or MGK has retweeted my on Facebook! Want proof? Check my Facebook like page @Jo Johnson under my photos! See “dreams do come true”!

…oh and one other thing… I GOT A JOB and my car works!

#whatareyouwaitingfor #makeithappen #NOW
*UPDATED ON 1/18/2013*